Two Waterfalls a Day: HaIrusim and Ayit Falls

אודות הפעילות

Spring season is finally here and with it are not only the blossoming spring flowers but also the strong flow of some of the Golan's most beautiful waterfalls.

In this tour we will experience the best of both worlds in the Golan Heights.
We will begin the day at the Ayit waterfall and continue onwards in a special "waterfalls" loop. In this loop we will see two of the most impressive waterfalls of the Ayit river
which spills into the Yehudiya river. From there we will continue by car to the "Falls Intersection" where we will park our cars and make a muddy, yet fun excursion to HaIrusim
Falls, which are part of the drainage basin of the Zavitan River.
From there we will continue to a stunning observation point where we will view the special falls located in the (inactive) military firing range which can only be accessed during the weekends and holidays.

for: families (children over 5)
Necessary equipment:
Sneakers/hiking shoes, hat, water, warm clothing, binoculars
Difficulty level: easy
Routh length: 4 KM
Tour guide: Yaniv Levi

חשוב לדעת

  • קהל יעד ילד מגיל 5, משפחות
  • רמת קושי קלה
  • שימו לב

    .Please note: the event is subject to change or cancellation due to the weather, security issues, or minimum number of participants