The 6AM Club: Sunrise Birdwatching Tour

  • Bental Mountain

אודות הפעילות

Everyone knows Israel is a  world center for high-tech and innovative technology, and delicious falafel, but did you know Israel is also a major center of international birdwatching?

We will begin the day by watching the beautiful sun rising between the Bental and Avital mountains. Equipped with binoculars, we will see the migration and nesting of unique,
local birds. We will continue onward to the Avital Volcanic park, located at the foot of Mount Avital. There we will view the nesting of bee-eaters, kestrels and other special
birds, unseen in your day-to-day life.
The tour will be guided by the Society of the Protection of Nature in Israel's expert ornithologists.
Israel is located on the bird migrating route between Europe, Asia and Africa and is home to a diverse, variety of birds: Over 550 species can be found in Israel and as many
as half a billion birds migrate over our land every year!
Every year ornithologists from all around the world gather in Israel just to experience and marvel at this unique sight.
Interested in becoming an ornithologist yourself one day?
Take a break from your day to day routine and join us on this special birdwatching tour where you will see and meet the winged creatures of the northern Golan Heights.

 for: families (children over 10), adults
Necessary equipment:
Sneakers/hiking shoes, hat, water, warm clothing, binoculars
Difficulty level: easy
Routh length: 1 KM

חשוב לדעת

  • אזור הפעילות Bental Mountain
  • קהל יעד +18, ילד מגיל 10, משפחות
  • רמת קושי קלה
  • שימו לב

    Please note: the event is subject to change or cancellation due to the weather, security issues, or minimum number of participants